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Magnetically-receptive ferrous film » MagneTack ASLAN MT 400

MagneTack ASLAN MT 400

Anthracite-coloured, flexible self-adhesive magnetic film for placing ferrous papers

ASLAN’s first magnetic self-adhesive film gives new opportunities for creating retail spaces, points of purchase/sale or exhibition stands. Applied to flat and smooth surfaces, MagneTack ASLAN MT 400 is the perfect area to place ASLAN’s printable ferrous papers for your short-term marketing messages or special offers. Due to the film’s high Barium- and Strontiumferrit level, up to three layers of ASLAN ferrous papers can mount safely to the surface without curling or sliding off. Furthermore, the film is easy to apply since its flexibility and thickness of 400 μm allow easy handling.

Ferrous papers from ASLAN are perfect complementary products and are available in a PET version (PET FerroPaper ASLAN FP 180) as well as in a PP version (PP FerroPaper ASLAN FP 260).


  • For applications on flat and smooth surfaces
  • Equip retail spaces, POP/POS, exhibition stands etc. with magnetic areas
  • Print interchangeable marketing messages on ASLAN ferrous papers and mount these fast and easy to the magnetic film
Product advantages
  • Create magnetic areas
  • Up to three layers of ASLAN ferrous papers can mount safely to the magnetic film
  • High Barium and Strontiumferrite level for massive magnetic strength
  • Extremely flexible and therefore easy to handle

Face film

PE-based film containing barium and strontium ferrite


400 μm


Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Embossed silicone paper, PE coated on both sides


Smooth and flat surfaces


12 m x 1.01 m