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Protective film » UV-PrintProtect matt ASLAN SL 28

UV-PrintProtect matt ASLAN SL 28

Monomeric softened matt protective film specially for UV-curable inks

This transparent, matt laminating film has been developed for the protection of prints made with UV-curable inks. It smoothens the unevenness of the UV-curable ink which is lying on top of the printed substrate. Additionally, the laminating film protects the printed surface from UV rays, weathering and mechanical wear. The high-quality laminate is ideal for use with ASLAN digital printing films.



  • Mid-term protection of prints, indoors and outdoors
  • Special protection for prints made with UV-curable inks
Product advantages
  • Monomeric softened protective film specially for UV-curable inks
  • Very good adhesion on UV-curable printed surfaces
  • No entrapment air between vinyl and laminating film
  • Gives digital printing films a high scratching resistance
  • Low light reflection due to matt surface
  • High transparency without color cast, thereby no change of the printed image
  • Extends the durability of the prints by offering UV-protection
  • Available in the width 1,35 m
  • Up to 3 years durability in outdoor use

Face film

PVC (monomeric softened)


70 µm



Adhesive properties


Release liner

Silicone paper, 63 g/m²


Smooth surfaces

Outdoor durability

3 years


50 m x 1.35 m