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Protective film » AntiGraffiti ASLAN SL 95

AntiGraffiti ASLAN SL 95

Scratch-resistant anti-graffiti protective film

AntiGraffiti ASLAN SL 95 is a high-gloss self-adhesive polyester film with a special anti-graffiti protective coating. Graffiti can be removed quickly and easily from this highly scratch-resistant film without leaving any residue. It offers optimum protection from unwanted writing and dirt for a variety of smooth, flat surfaces, ranging from printed products such as posters and plans to display cases, show cabinets, cabin walls and much more.



  • Protect printed products against graffiti
  • Protect smooth, flat surfaces in schools, waiting rooms, changing rooms and other public areas
Product advantages
  • Top anti-graffiti protective film for smooth surfaces
  • Graffiti can be easily removed without damaging the film
  • Optimum cleaning properties (can be cleaned with highly aggressive cleaning agents)
  • Especially scratch-resistant surface
  • High-gloss surface
  • Classified to flame retardant standard DIN 4102 / B1

Face film

PET-film with special coating, glossy


50 µm


Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Siliconised polyester film, 23 µm


Smooth surfaces

Outdoor durability

5 years


50 m x 1.37 m