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KaratProject, Portugal | MetalEffect Dryapply ASLAN CAL 23

In Abrantes, Portugal, the sculpture ‘Karat’ plays a crucial role to people passing by in the town’s most central square. Its golden geometrical surfaces reflect light onto the surrounding facades of Praça Raimundo José Soares Mendes.

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e-Luminate, England | GlassColour ASLAN CT 113

During the e-Luminate Festival in Cambridge, England, the city’s iconic buildings and public spaces undergo a striking transformation using light. At this, the medium light creates a link between arts and science, which is closely tied to the city’s history.  

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Ringelnatz Quarters | WallMask ASLAN S 41

More than 90 housing developments have already been given a new appearance by Petra Breuer, a freelance designer specialized in colour concepts and the design of facades. Residential developments, which were increasingly build during the 20th century and form the cityscape of many urban areas in Europe, successfully meet the demand for affordable living spaces, but are perceived rather controversial regarding their appearance.

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News Studios | WrapTheHouse ASLAN DFP 45

The Japanese artist Shigeru Takato photographed news studios around the world, before they started broadcasting. In 2014, a curated selection of Takato's photographs with a "stamp of truth“ were exhibited in the art-station Sankt Peter, Cologne.

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Pool Life | WrapTheStreet ASLAN DFP 46

At the Open House event of the Karl Gröner GmbH in Germany the creative possibilities of ASLAN floor graphic films were impressively displayed: With the self-adhesive digital printing film for applications on asphalt, the ground was turned into a unique and authentic looking swimming pool. Next to some actual sand and inviting deckchairs the life size print created an even more realistic look.  

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