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ASLAN eMotionRack

From ASLAN for sign makers: sales display in three different versions

Do you deal with customers from the shopfitting, catering and hotel industries, or would you like to expand your area of business to include the interior sector? In which case the way you present the range of available products to your customers, could be the difference between winning or losing jobs.

The speciality films from ASLAN deserve a very special presentation. This would enable the high-quality decorative effects to be shown to their best advantage. For this purpose, we have developed the ASLAN eMotionRack: This eyecatching sales display is a great way to showcase these, Made in Germany, quality films to your customers and help generate new business!


  • eMotionRack Floor:
  • Rotatable, with high base including brochure holder, Ø 43 cm, height 166 cm
  • -------------------------------
  • eMotionRack Counter:
  • Rotatable version with stand, Ø 43 cm, height 85 cm
  • -------------------------------
  • eMotionRack Wall:
  • Basic version for wall mounting, width 106 cm, height 80 cm
Product advantages
  • Classy presentation of 30 ASLAN speciality films
  • Availabe in three different versions
  • For presentations at sign making shops, at open houses and roadshows or exhibitions
  • Majority of costs for the displays is subsidised by ASLAN
  • Includes samples of:
  • __Milky Dryapply ASLAN EL 210
  • __GlassColour ASLAN CT 113
  • __CaressColour ASLAN CC 124
  • __SparkleColour ASLAN SC 123
  • __ColourShift ASLAN SE 71
  • __ColourShift ASLAN SE 70
  • __MetalEffect ASLAN CA 23
  • __MirrorEffect AntiScratch ASLAN SE 75
  • __Holographic ASLAN 72
  • __SilverEtched Dryapply ASLAN EL 302
  • __Etched Dryapply ASLAN EL 300
  • __MetalColour ASLAN CA 24
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