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Digital printing film » LoopPET Metal ASLAN CRA 31

LoopPET Metal ASLAN CRA 31

Printable metallic effect film made from recycled polyester (at least 70%)

This self-adhesive metal effect film is made from recycled polyester (at least 70%) that has been shredded and cleaned. It is suitable both as a plottable and printable metal effect film and can be applied to all smooth surfaces. What‘s more, the superb metal effect on the silver and gold versions is visible on both sides (double-sided), making them ideal for bonding to transparent surfaces such as glass or acrylic. The film, who’s glossy surface enables high-quality prints with latex and UV-curing inks, is not only PVC-free but also has a water-based adhesive.

It is suitable for flat surfaces indoors and outdoors. If a laminate is required, LoopLAM ASLAN SRL 19 is recommended as it is also made from recycled PET. - This will create a PVC-free, environmentally friendly and forward-looking combination of recycled raw materials for digital prints



  • For the creation of large format digital prints or plotted-cut lettering for use on smooth, even surfaces
  • For creative and high-quality graphic applications used in POS such as the design of shop windows, perfumeries, Christmas decorations, etc
  • Decorative applications with stylish effects in the areas of shop fitting and trade fair construction, interior design and much more.
  • Ideal for designs on glass surfaces where the double-sided metal effect is used to protect the graphics against vandalism and environmental influences
Product advantages
  • PVC-free metal effect film
  • The double-sided metal colour effect is ideal for designs on glass, for example with mirrored graphics applied behind the glass to protect against vandalism and the environmental.
  • Consists of polyester with 70% recycled content
  • For high-quality prints with latex and UV-curable inks
  • Water-based adhesive for a more environmentally friendly combination
  • Dimensionally stable and no shrinkage
  • Outdoor durability 2 years

Face film

Polyester, metalised (70% content of post-consumer recycled polyester)


50 µm


Polyacrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Papier double-sided PE coated paper


Flat, smooth surfaces

Outdoor durability

2 years


25 m x 1,37 m


Latex and UV curable inks