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MultiStitch Embroidery ASLAN ME 70

Self-adhesive embroidering stabiliser, non-woven in black or white

Self-adhesive non-woven material in black or white, which is perfect for machine embroidery. Even sensitive fabrics or small objects that cannot be fixed in the hoop, can be embroidered by using MultiStitch Embroidery. Optimal adhesive force avoids material’s slipping while embroidering and after the embroidery process only the used area of the non-woven has to be removed – of course residue-free. To reduce machines’ set-up times and downtimes, simply paste another piece of MultiStitch Embroidery over the used area.   



  • Embroidering of pressure sensitive, stretchy or challenging fabrics such as velvet or leather
  • Usable for objects that does not fit into the hoop (e.g. collars, caps)
  • Embroider garments without fixing into the hoop, simply by bonding them to the non-woven
Product advantages
  • Fixing garments, without tensioning into the hoop
  • No slipping due to the optimal adhesive force
  • Non-woven ist removable residue-free
  • Robust non-woven gives stability to garments while processing
  • Avoids stretching or warping of fabrics
  • No adhesive on the needle
  • The yarn does not tear
  • Embroider multiple motifs simultaneous next to each other

Face film

PET/CV non-woven


50 g/m²


Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Silicone paper, PE-coated on one side, 85 g/m²


Textile materials


25 m x 0,45 m
25 m x 0,9 m
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