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Sandblasting film » Sandblast 600 ASLAN S 62

Sandblast 600 ASLAN S 62

600 µm thick, translucent sandblasting film for heavy-duty sandblasting on stone

This translucent self-adhesive film is 600 µm thick, making it ideal for very heavy-duty sandblasting work on smooth and polished stone. With a high filler content, the Sandblast 600 ASLAN S 62 film is able to withstand extremely high mechanical loads. The removable adhesive ensures easy and residue-free removal of the masking film once the job is done.



  • Sandblasting work on stone
  • Designed for deeper, heavy-duty sandblasting
  • Create sharply defined, relief-type textures, lettering, logos and surface frosting
Product advantages
  • At 600 µm thick, this film withstands the highest loads
  • Translucent sandblasting film and transparent polyester liner allow precise positioning
  • Any bubbles are very easy to see
  • The cream-coloured, write-on surface makes it easy to mark the areas to be blasted
  • Easy to cut by hand or using a cutting plotter
  • Guarantees sharply defined work
  • Easy, residue-free removal

Face film

PVC-film, polymeric softened, creme coloured


600 µm


Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Siliconised polyester, 75 µm




10 m x 1.25 m