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Film whiteboard » Whiteboard PP Dryapply ASLAN WBL 998

Whiteboard PP Dryapply ASLAN WBL 998

PVC free, glossy whiteboard film with air release channels for easy dry application

The new Whiteboard PP Dryapply ASLAN WBL 998 offers a solution to create a PVC free whiteboard surface. Turn smooth walls easily into glossy and dry-wipe whiteboards that work with all common whiteboard markers. Finest air release channels allow bubble-free applications and easy repositioning.

The scratch-resistant surface can be written on with whiteboard markers any number of times, without leaving shadows or ghosting. Writing is removed easily with a dry cloth. Perfect for frequently changed messages in restaurants, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, schools, nurseries, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and more.


  • Create dry-erase whiteboard surfaces
  • Frequently changed messages in offices, seminar rooms, hospitals, schools and nurseries
  • Simple restoring of old and used whiteboards
Avantages produit
  • High-quality whiteboard film for easy dry application
  • Finest air release channels allow application even for inexperienced users
  • Application made easy, saving time
  • Suitable for all whiteboard markers
  • Writing in unsuitable media (e.g. permanent marker) can be removed easily using alcohol-based cleaning products
  • High dimensional stability, no shrinkage
  • PVC free
  • Even frequently changed messages do not leave shadows or ghostings
  • Easy cleaning with dry microfibre cloth


PP with special lacquering


150 µm


Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive




Embossed silicone paper, PE-coated on both sides, 130 g/m²


Smooth surfaces


50 m x 1,37 m