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Projection film » ClearboardMatt ASLAN CB 75

ClearboardMatt ASLAN CB 75

Transparent matt whiteboard film, suitable for projection

This self-adhesive, matt, transparent whiteboard film is perfect for writing that is often changed. From offices to children’s rooms, it transforms any smooth and/or printed surface into a communication board for use with whiteboard markers. Just apply the self-adhesive film onto a smooth surface, another, coloured film or a printed image to create your customised whiteboard.

The film guarantees easy, residue-free removal of writing using a microfibre cloth, without leaving any shadows or ghosting. In addition, the low-reflection surface of the film provides the conditions for use as front projection screen.


  • Create customised whiteboards by combining with coloured or printed films and other smooth surfaces
  • Writing can be changed daily in offices, seminar rooms, hospitals, schools and nurseries
  • Projection surface for videos, images and presentations
Product advantages
  • Low-reflection, matt surface
  • Writing from whiteboard markers can be easily dry-erased using a microfibre cloth, without leaving any shadows or ghosting
  • Writing in unsuitable media (e.g. permanent marker) can be removed easily using alcohol-based cleaning products
  • Can be laminated onto any print
  • Flexibility for slightly curved surfaces
  • Can be used as a projection film by laminating onto a white surface
  • Classified to flame retardant standard DIN 4102 / B1
  • Classified to the standard for toy safety DIN EN 71- 3

Face film

PVC-film, polymeric softened, with special coating, transparent, matt


80 µm


Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Silicone paper, PE-coated on both sides, 140 g/m²


Smooth and slightly curved surfaces

Outdoor durability

5 years


50 m x 1.37 m