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Magnetically-receptive ferrous film » FerroSoft Whiteboard Matt ASLAN FF 490

FerroSoft Whiteboard Matt ASLAN FF 490

Flexible, magnetically-receptive ferrous film with a matt whiteboard finish

This self-adhesive ferrous film with a whiteboard finish transforms any smooth surface into a magnetically-receptive whiteboard. Your unique advantage: Due to the matt surface, the film is suitable for projections. A ready-made 3-in-1 solution that lets you create a high-quality, multi-functional communication surface in just one simple step. Especially flexible, it can be shipped and stored also in a rolled-up condition. The matt white film can be cut to any shape, is easy to apply and just as easy to remove – in one piece.


  • Transforms smooth surfaces into dry-erase, magnetically-receptive whiteboards
  • Writing can be changed daily in schools, nurseries, seminar rooms and children’s rooms
  • Organisation board and communication surface
  • Projection surface for videos, images and presentations
Product advantages
  • Timesaving 3-in-1-solution: Ferro- and whiteboard film in one, suitable for projections
  • High iron powder content for excellent magnetic adhesion
  • Easier application, as it is softer and more flexible than standard products
  • Can be rolled onto a core for shipping and storage (keeping the winding direction with face film facing outwards)
  • Whiteboard finish is easy to clean using a dry cloth and even frequently changed writing leaves no ghosting
  • Film is rust-free
  • Removable in one piece
  • Low-reflection, matt surface
  • Suitable as a projection screen

Face film

Polyethylene film containing iron with PVC-laminate (white, matt)


490 µm


Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Embossed silicone paper, PE-coated on both sides, 130 g/m²


Smooth surfaces


9 m x 1.37 m