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Digital printing film » LoopPet ASLAN DRL 19

LoopPet ASLAN DRL 19

White polyester digital printing film made with 30% post-consumer recycled polyester

This self-adhesive digital printing film is manufactured with 30% content of post-consumer recycled polyester (PET) made of shredded and cleaned plastics. Its white surface ensures high-quality printing with latex and UV curable inks while not only being PVC free but also being equipped with a solvent-free adhesive.

ASLAN Dryapply adhesive technology allows easy and dry, bubble-free application on flat surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, LoopPet ASLAN DRL 19 matches perfectly with the recycled PET laminate LoopLam ASLAN SRL 19 – a PVC free, environmentally-friendlier and forward-thinking combination of recycled plastics for more sustainable digital printing.



  • Digital prints both indoors and outdoors on flat surfaces
  • Forward-thinking and eco-friendlier use in the signage industry
  • Eco-friendly digital printing film due to recycled PET content
  • Optimal combination with the PVC free lamination film LoopLam ASLAN SRL 19
Product advantages
  • PVC free digital printing film
  • Manufactured with 30% content of post-consumer recycled polyester
  • Ensures high-quality printing with latex and UV curable inks
  • Proven ASLAN Dryapply adhesive technology for easy, bubble-free application
  • Solvent-free adhesive ensures eco-friendly combination of film and adhesive
  • Classified according to Euroclass flame retardant standard DIN EN 13501-1
  • High dimensional stability and no shrinkage

Face film

Polyester, white (30% content of post-consumer recycled polyester)


50 µm


Polyacrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Embossed silicone paper, PE coated on both sides


Latex and UV curable inks


Flat, smooth surfaces

Outdoor durability

3 years


50 m x 1.37 m