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Whiteboard film » WhiteboardColour ASLAN WBC 996

WhiteboardColour ASLAN WBC 996

Coloured, glossy whiteboard film

This glossy whiteboard film comes in six different colours, suitable for application on any smooth, rigid surface. Create dry erase boards in any size you want, easily installed and removed. The scratch-resistant surface can be written on with whiteboard markers any number of times, without leaving shadows or ghosting. Writing is removed easily with a soft, dry cloth. The self-adhesive dilm is perfect for schools, nurseries and children’s rooms or simply as a ready-to-use coloured whiteboard solution.


  • Create dry-erase coloured whiteboard surfaces
  • Writing can be changed daily in offices, seminar rooms, hospitals, schools and nurseries
Product advantages
  • The only coloured whiteboard film on the market
  • Writing from whiteboard markers can be easily dry-erased, without leaving any shadows or ghosting
  • Suitable for all popular whiteboard markers
  • Writing in unsuitable media (e.g. permanent marker) can be removed easily using alcohol-based cleaning products, without damaging the surface
  • High dimensional stability

Face film

PET-PVC-composite, polymeric softened, glossy, 6 colours


150 µm


Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Silicone paper, 140 g/m²


Smooth surfaces

Outdoor durability

5 years


24 m x 1.22 m
12 m x 1.22 m