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Protective film » MonsterLAM ASLAN SL 05

MonsterLAM ASLAN SL 05

Extra thick gloss protective film for outdoor use

This 300 µm thick, abrasion-resistant gloss protective film can be applied to flat and slightly curved surfaces.  It is suitable for the protection of surfaces even in the most difficult conditions. For example, it is idea for applications to motocross bikes and construction machinery that are exposed to high mechanical abrasion. It is extremely hard-wearing and will shield against stone chips.

The excellent properties of the water-based adhesive is compatible with all common printing systems including UV-curable inks without causing any silvering.



  • Gives special protection against stone chips and high mechanical abrasion
  • Compatible as a laminate with all common printing systems including UV-curable inks
  • Short and medium-term applications on flat and slightly curved surfaces
Product advantages
  • stable 300 µm protective film made of PVC
  • perfect combination of thick protective film and high transparency
  • hard-wearing; impact and abrasion-resistant; heavy-duty and robust
  • high gloss level
  • Solvent-free high-tack adhesive system offers a strong bond to the substrate
  • Resistant to solvents and lubricating oil in combination with MonsterTack ASLAN DFP 05

Face film

PVC-Folie, glossy, clear


300 µm



Adhesive properties


Release liner

Silikon cardboard, 140 g/m²


smooth surfaces

Outdoor durability

up to 2 Jahren


25 m x 1,22 m